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Regardless of the size of the project or the location, your budget and end result objective is of a paramount importance to us. Our clients relay on our expertise as we can guide them and advise them on the cost for the requested objective. This is why we shall take all the provided information and transform it to a realistic structured proposal with realistic budget that will make our clients mind at ease.



Grand Designs NY was set up to answer an increasing demand for a high-end designer look at justifiable fees and budgets. With a unique fee structure set-up, our first client meetings are always complimentary. Adhering to a policy of 100% transparency we operate on a strict fixed fee basis as set out in the "Services" page leaving clients safe in the knowledge that all design costs have been clearly communicated from the outset.



Grand Designs NY offers an all inclusive design service, which, comprising detailed in-house CAD plans, thus saving our clients thousands of Dollars in architectural fees.  With years of experience, Grand Designs NY works alongside trusted structural engineers, surveyors to ensure that all potential build proposals are up to the required codes and in-line with the requirements of the local authority, thus minimize headache to the client. Grand Designs NY fixed design fee can include as much or little as our clients require, with our full service offering outlined within the ‘Services’ page.


With professional backgrounds in Civil Engineering, Architecture, & Post Experience Diploma from Prestigious Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, Grand Designs NY is as focused on meeting clients’ investment objectives and budgets as it is, creating beautiful properties.  With decade and a half of experience working for an owners of different requirements and backgrounds, we have achieved an impressive record that gives our projects financial uplifts on sales / rental prices.

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